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REPROCHIMICA DUE works from over 35 years in the market of printed comunication.

Offices - view from outside

The experience and know-how accumulated through these years with daily contacts with customers, increase our ability to answer the market demand of innovative and high quality materials, that has been, from the beggining of our activity, our "mission".
The arrival of digital print and particulary the ink-jet large format printers, has marked an important turn for our activity.

Our business at the beginning was focused only on ink-jet proofing papers, then it has been extended to other new media that the market of digital large format print demands jsut like fine art or photo advertising or point of sale media.


Our know-how, experience and collaboration with the greatest large format printers manufacturers, allows today to offer a wide range of materials of high quality, costancy and precision, able to satisfy every demand of large format print media arriving from customers looking for novelty.

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